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Production of construction, technological, special metal structures

Today, metal structures have been widely used in modern construction. They are used in all types of buildings and engineering structures, especially when it comes to large spans and the need to perceive significant loads.

Metal structures have a number of advantages:

- lightness;

- adaptability;

- spatial strength, rigidity;

- high decorative properties;

- speed of installation (construction) and dismantling.

The production of metal structures takes place in several stages:


1. Design of metal structures

The project organization develops the project of the KM stage (Metal structures). Here the main parameters of the components are determined depending on the operating conditions, climatic conditions, load on the load-bearing elements. The correct design depends on how durable and reliable and safe the metal structures will be.

Development of drawings of KMD (Metal structures. Detailing) is carried out by the designers of JSC PROMTEKHMONTAZH, who have extensive practical experience in solving various tasks on one of the most modern software complexes Tekla Struktures and Autocad today. Advanced software and high qualification of design engineers of our organization allows us to obtain high-quality design documentation, on the basis of which metal structures are manufactured that meet the most stringent requirements for installation and further operation.

2. Manufacture of metal structures

2.1 The manufacturing process begins at the procurement sites using high-precision equipment equipped with numerical control (CNC). Metal rolling is cut on plasma and gas cutting machines. Then the scale is removed from the cutting surface or the burrs are removed after guillotine cutting.

The next stage of edge processing is chamfering. This stage is very important in procurement operations, as it affects the strength and durability of the weld. For this operation, both the milling method and processing with special edging tools are used.

At the procurement stage, if necessary, blanks from profile and sheet metal are subjected to bending along the radius, including with the use of equipment using high frequency currents (HDTV).

The final stage of procurement operations is drilling of workpieces on automatic CNC lines.

2.2 The assembly of metal structures is carried out in the assembly and welding shops of the plant on special slipways.

Automated arc welding under a flux layer and semi-automatic welding in a protective gas environment are used for welding metal structures. The quality of welds is checked by an accredited welding laboratory using non-destructive testing methods (ultrasound, X-ray, color flaw detection).

3. Anti-corrosion protection of metal structures

For painting metal structures in our organization there are specialized sites designed to perform this type of work. Before painting, all metal structures are subjected to shot blasting in specially equipped chambers to the degree of Sa 2.5 according to ISO 8501. Shot blasting cleans the surface from scale, rust, gives it the necessary roughness, providing good adhesion to the materials applied on top. Anticorrosive coatings applied to the drilled surface are characterized by reliability, durability and weather resistance.

The paint coating is applied by airless spraying with GRACO devices (pressure up to 500 Bar). This method has a number of advantages: high productivity, low losses of paint and varnish materials (LCM), the possibility of applying materials of high viscosity and a large thickness in one layer, reducing solvent consumption, improved quality of the paint and varnish coating (good continuity, density, filling of surface micro-dimensions), displacement of dust particles, moisture and other contaminants from the surface.

We use only proven paint and varnish materials (alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, etc.). Our organization cooperates with such paint manufacturers as TIKKURILA (Finland), WILCKENS (Germany), JSC "Lakokraska" (Belarus). Thanks to close cooperation with paint suppliers, we can paint metal structures in any color according to the RAL, NCS tables, or according to customer samples. At the request of the customer, coloring can be done with paints of his choice.

4. Shipment of metal structures

All metal structures are assembled in packages before shipment, ensuring the safety of the paintwork during loading and unloading operations and transportation. Also, each element of metal structures is marked for unambiguous identification during installation.

Our own vehicle fleet provides uninterrupted, high-quality and fast delivery of manufactured metal structures to customers in the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and the European Union.